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Anne E. Burnley, MD also known as Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur, and Woman of G.R.I.T. on digital platforms is a mom, physician, author, and sought-after women’s empowerment speaker who emigrated to the United States from West Africa as a teenager to pursue higher education. After obtaining undergraduate and graduate degrees, she completed medical school and residency training and is board certified in General Preventive Medicine & Public Health and Lifestyle Medicine.  Dr. Ahne also holds a Certificate in Diversity & Inclusion.


Dr. Ahne is an Army combat veteran and the recipient of several medals including a Bronze Star for her service in Iraq. She practices as a Public Health, Occupational Medicine and Lifestyle Medicine Physician in addition to mentoring the next generation of physicians and Mid-level Providers.

Dr. Ahne shares her story about how she went from asking “why me?” to eventually finding her "why" on stages across the United States. Her signature program “Woman Of G.R. I.T: How To Find Your Voice, Reclaim Your power, And Transform Your Life" is based on her similarly titled book that addresses four core areas in her self-development: Grit, Growth Mindset and Grace, Restraint (self-mastery), Introspection, and Transformation (G.R.I.T).  


Corporations will benefit from Dr. Ahne’s services because women who find and use their authentic voices excel in their personal and professional lives. Her knowledge in workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with particular expertise in healthcare and military organizations is also invaluable.


Dr. Ahne also leverages her expertise in lifestyle medicine as a Wellness Strategist to assist her clients to achieve their wellness goals using evidence-based, non-pharmaceutical, lifestyle interventions.

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