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Dr. Ahne is a co-author of a best-selling anthology. Her first solo book, Woman of G.R.I.T: How To Find Your Voice, Reclaim Your Power & Transform Your Life is available now. 

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Woman of G.R.I.T: How to Find Your Voice, Reclaim Your Power & Transform Your Life 
Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur (Anne E. Burnley, MD)

In a world where women still face intersectional challenges, Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur, is on a mission to inspire, motivate, and empower women to succeed in living a transformational life! Dr. Ahne, shares her story of how she lost and found her voice, and how you can not only find your voice, but also reclaim your power as a woman. In this book, you will receive her signature principles: Grace to Grow Your Mindset, Restraint (Self-Mastery), Introspection, and Transformation. Dr. Ahne will teach you how to use these principles to develop the G.R.I.T you need to succeed and to transform your life!


The Warrior Women Project: A Sisterhood of Immigrant Women. 
Uchenna L Umeh, Lynda E Umeh

This book gives an exclusive insight into the exciting journeys of 22 amazing women from 13 countries of the world who fearlessly opened their hearts to share stories of joy, pain, success, failure, loving and giving. Their emigration stories are inspirational and empowering narratives of strength. They are about overcoming challenges, succeeding despite great odds and winning with their dreams.

The book provides a safe space where successful immigrant women can tell their stories, in their own words. Their tales are shared in text and pictures from the depths of their hearts, their baby-carrying wombs, and their tireless arms that nurture and care for their families, their neighbors, co-workers and lovers alike.

Available on and wherever great books are sold.

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