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Ever Gritful, Never Quit!

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Woman of G.R.I.T Blog By Women's Empowerment Expert, Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur

Welcome to Woman of G.R.I.T, a bi-weekly blog by Anne E. Burnley, MD also known as Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur, and Woman of G.R.I.T. on digital platforms is a mom, physician, author, and a women’s empowerment speaker. She is active in clinical practice as a board certified General Preventive Medicine & Public Health and Occupational Medicine Physician with the Defense Department.

Dr. Ahne is also certified in Lifestyle Medicine and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and loves to mentor the next generation of physicians, Mid-level Providers and students. She is an Iraq war veteran and the recipient of several medals including a Bronze Star for her wartime service.

Dr. Ahne found her compelling purpose while healing, after losing her grit and struggling to find her voice and power in a long-term toxic relationship that almost cost her life. She is now on a mission to empower, motivate, inspire and teach women how to get their grit back by finding their voice, reclaiming their power and transforming themselves into women of grit.

Dr. Ahne shares her story about how she went from asking “why me?” to eventually finding her "why" on stages across the United States. Her signature program “Woman Of G.R. I.T: How To Find Your Voice, Reclaim Your power And Transform Your Life" is based on her similarly titled book that addresses four core areas in self-development: Grace to Grow a Growth Mindset, Restraint (self-mastery), Introspection, and Transformation (G.R.I.T).

This blog is an extension of the work Dr. Ahne does helping women thrive after adversity using the G.R.I.T framework she developed based on the what she learned while healing from her own trauma.

Welcome once again to the Woman of G.R.I.T Blog. To learn more about Dr. Ahne and the work she does, please visit her website at: Please subscribe to receive notification when a new blog is posted.

Until next time, remain ever gritful and never quit!

Dr. Ahne, The Gritpreneur

Find Your Voice | Reclaim Your Power | Transform Your Life

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